Creating Custom Costumes and Cosplays

An Indiana-based cosplayer designing outfits that are creative, colorful, and carefully crafted for special events and everyday wear

LadyDragon Creations as Lili Rochefort from Tekken

Cosplayer, Stylist, Artist, Designer, and Model

High-quality, custom creations utilizing intelligence, commitment, and attention to detail. Designs that have garnered recognition and praise from people all over the world. Unique outfits that have been recognized for their excellence and craftsmanship. Makeup applications to give a finishing touch to many characters.

Commission your costume

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Concept Design

I put pen to paper to help turn those simple ideas into visually beautiful designs and outfits.

Pattern Creation

I have the experience altering existing patterns or creating them from scratch, ensuring that each outfit fits perfectly.


Further define your favorite character with a wide range of makeup styles and artistic techniques.


I ensure that each outfit can withstand the burden of normal wear so that you can use them again and again.


I have the know-how to create props and other pieces of attire, using the popular EVA foam and other materials.


The positive reviews keep rolling in. See what everyone has to say about my work.

Take a look at what I can offer

I always aim to create high-quality and beautiful designs that will stand up to the stresses of normal use. I want to create outfits with a strong artistic direction that can be worn over and over again. Don't just take my word for it; head over to my Portfolio check out my work for yourself!


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Whether you want a costume of your favorite character or are looking for something unique, get ahold of me so that we can begin working towards your new outfit.

LadyDragon Creations with her outfits

About LadyDragon Creations

LadyDragon Creations is Lisa Anderson-Kleckner, a professional beautician and makeup artist. Lisa began cosplaying in March of 2014, and she has never looked back. Her role as a stylist, along with her life-long love of the arts, has given her a keen awareness of fashion and styles.

In just over a year's time, she has created dozens of outfits for herself and for others. She has been featured in articles both printed and online. She has become a staple of the Indiana convention scene. Lisa continues to grow her skills, trying out new mediums and styles to further perfect her craft.


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