It’s been busy here since we’ve rang in the New Year. I’ve been helping Oakenstone Cosplay with pieces for her cosplay costume, as well as working on putting the finishing touches on Lady Shredder. So that puts the count at one so far.. Haha!  But I have three other cosplay costumes for myself in the works: Black Widow, Punisher, and a Mermaid!


Valkarie ArmorLadyDragon Creations' Punisher Logo

LadyDragon Creations' Shredder Armor


Construction for a mermaid top in foam construction paper is going well. And I’ll probably get the tail sewn this weekend, so after that I can do the detailed painting on the tail. I’m not sure yet on what all I’ll be doing for the headpiece that I have planned out.


LadyDragon Creations' Sea Shells


I’ve finished painting the turtle shell and they’re all ready for clear coat! Then it’s time to get straps, belts, masks, and weapons for Donatello and Leonardo!


LadyDragon Creations' Turtle Shells


When the “Boudoir Harley Quinn” photoshoot took place we also took some other photos that turned out really well! (Full shoot will only be here on the website!) They aren’t focused on a particular character, but I hope to do more of the same soon!! 😉




Let me know what you think in the comments below! Or if you have any questions, get ahold of me directly.


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