I’ve been busy here lately working on things for a group cosplay that will be happening during the 2016 con season.  My Lady Shredder is just about complete, but I’m not finishing it all the way until after the first of the year (the costume count for 2015 is already at 15!)

This past weekend I started on turtle shells for Donatello and Leonardo. I’m getting more comfortable working with EVA foam as I start more projects.

With the measurements I have for the people wearing the shells, I drafted out the pattern to get the size and look for the shells that I wanted.  Then I cut pattern pieces out of foam board so I can use them over again if I want. I traced out the pattern, cut it, and used heat gun on the EVA foam.

I sanded the edges to give them more of a true turtle look. I used an X-Acto knife to get a box turtle pattern on the shell pieces. I numbered all the pieces to make sure that I didn’t glue anything together that I didn’t want to (which I’m good at doing when there are so many things all together!)

I now have two TMNT shells, with battle scars, ready to be sealed and painted!

After the turtles are done then I’ll be starting on a Casey Jones outfit!



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