With it getting colder outside, I have spent more time in my art room a lot more. I have a few cosplays ready for Starbase Indy, and I have my Lady Shredder, which I’ll wear next year, about 80% done!


LadyDragon Creations' Lady Shredder ArmorLadyDragon Creations' Lady Shredder ArmorLadyDragon Creations' Lady Shredder Cloak

I said that I was going to limit myself to two new cosplays next year, but with one almost done I don’t think I will be holding to that! Besides the Lady Shredder, I have a mash-up of two of my favorite characters that I already plan on doing. Plus I will be doing a Casey Jones and two humanized Ninja Turtles for a TMNT group next Spring.

I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving weekend at Starbase Indy. Be sure to look for me as Princess Leia (with Han Solo) on Saturday and Christmas Harley Quinn on Sunday!

Christmas Harley Quinn

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