I started off my morning finishing up the Darth Maul outfit and realized I needed a Shredder helmet in two weeks. I already had the foam cut and shaped as I needed, but it was still in a rough state. So I sanded it smooth and got it primed with Plasti-dip.

This is the helmet that I learned how to do out of EVA foam at CosAwesome Studio’s foam building class. It will be a lot easier to wear than my first Shredder helmet was! (When I get done, I’ll have to do a side-by-side shot to show the difference and how far I’ve come in constructing things!) This one is turning out to be a lot lighter and smoother than before, and it’s looking great so far!

I also finished the Joker-o-lantern. It already has a few coats of clear coat on it, and it’s all set to go! I plan on filling it full of candy and handing it out of little and big kids alike at Kokomo Con, Saturday, October 24th.

LadyDragon Creations' Shredder HelmetLadyDragon Creations' Shredder HelmetLadyDragon Creations' Shredder HelmetLadyDragon Creations' Shredder Helmet

LadyDragon Creations Bug
I had a new friend chillin’ with me who didn’t mind all the dust!
Dusty LadyDragon Creations
The one downside to fabricating…










LadyDragon Creations' Joker-o-Lantern

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