Today I drafted the patterns for the tabard and the loin cloth, then I got the last bit of material I needed to finish this outfit.

(There were a few tense moments on Saturday when we received an email that the material we had ordered nearly a week earlier was not available and would not be arriving to us! Thankfully, the good folks at Joann Fabrics in Kokomo, IN came to the rescue. They found the material that we were looking for in the store before we did the online order!)

I got the loin cloth finished this evening, and I have just a little bit left to do on the tabard and it is done! I’m looking forward to seeing this all put together and being worn by Dylan.

Here are the last of the WIP in progress pictures! The next time you see the outfit, it will be when it is picked up after the final fitting adjustments. 🙂

LadyDragon Creations' Darth Maul

LadyDragon Creations' Darth Maul



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