A couple of weeks ago a client at work asked me if I could make a poodle skirt. Her daughter, who is in the 3rd grade, wanted one for Grandparents’ Day at school, which is having a ’50s theme this year. Of course I said, “yes!”

With this, I altered the skirt a little bit to put in an elastic waistband so that it could be worn longer on a growing girl. I also painted a pair of white canvas shoes to look like saddle shoes. This will make the daughter very happy, and the mom is very excited just from the pictures she has seen!

This evening I also finished the last little bit that I had to do to complete the Harley Quinn dress. This was designed as a Christmas dress, but it’s also a multi-purpose dress. (I plan on making a tulle underskirt to make it like a ballerina dress!) I still have to the jacket and the white jester collar to make, and also my Christmas gift for “Bats”.

LadyDragon Creations' Christmas Harley QuinnLadyDragon Creations' Christmas Harley Quinn LadyDragon Creations' Poodle Skirt



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